Friday, June 5, 2009

The Game

A friend of mine, Ashlee Miller, had this story on her blog and I thought it was worth sharing:

"I've felt impressed to write about something we discussed in Relief Society yesterday. The question was posed, 'Why do we need adversity in our lives?' I started thinking about basketball. (I know, sports analogies are usually left to the Elder's Quorum, but stay with me.) I think life is a little like basketball. We practice dribbling, shooting, passing, running plays, and defensive strategies so that we can become better at each skill, and develop into a better player in general. If all we ever did was practice, what good would that do? We need to actually come against an opponent to test our skills and know what we need to work on in order to advance, and therefore be in a better position to win the next game.

In life, we spend each day 'practicing' such skills as obedience, communication, compassion, faith, etc. But in order for us to progress, we need to come against an opponent to test our skills so that we know where we are and what we need to work on. The trials that come into our lives are just such an opponent, and by evaluating our performance within and at the outcome of each trial, we can know on what skills or characteristics our time should be spent 'practicing'.

For anyone who has played basketball before, you know that emotions can run high, effecting performances and ultimately the outcome of a game. Same thing in life! If we allow them, our emotions can hinder our ability to see clearly the big picture and stop working in areas that need the most attention, or cause us to give up altogether.

I guess my point is that we can be in control of our 'game' as long as we take the time to put the right kind of practice in beforehand."

I know there has been much adversity in our family recently and I truly hope this story will help us as we face this adversity in each of our lives. We can and we will get through it, with the Lord's help. I want all of you to know you are in my thoughts and prayers always. I love you!

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